Pianos are a specialty musical instrument and a substantial, long-term investment. Because of this, it is important to get it right if you’re buying one for yourself or a loved one. Read our guide below to learn what you need to look for in a piano before making such a purchase.

Top 5 Tips to Consider

Below we have listed for you six key factors to consider when shopping around for a piano. This applies to both new and second-hand pianos. Before visiting a piano store in Melbourne, make sure you’re as informed as possible.

  1. Solid Reputation

It is very important that your piano provider has a good reputation, matched by experience and knowledge of the piano industry.
Going to a piano provider with 40 plus years of industry experience makes all the difference when it comes to finding your perfect piano. Don’t get caught up with using a non-reputable piano provider who is more than likely to lack experience, integrity and industry know-how.

  1. Pianos must be a Passion

When you visit a family run company, you’re much more likely to get a provider that is more than a business. That is, pianos are their passion, and they truly live and breathe them.

In fact, with such a provider, you will find they are often pianists, tuners or technicians themselves, which further exemplifies their passion and knowledge. From the moment you walk into the store, the staff should reflect this passion to you.

  1. Quality and Quantity

Your piano provider should provide you with quality pianos (both new and second hand ). With quality must come quantity; this means an extensive range to choose from.

When you’re visiting a piano showroom in Melbourne, make sure you get the chance to take a look around and try a few different brands and models. Look out for well-known, quality brands such as  Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Wertheim and Kawai.

  1. Personalised Service

You’re likely to of heard the statement ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to clothing. Well this would be a disaster when it comes to selecting your piano. Your piano provider should give you a personalised service, tailored made to your preferences, tastes and style.

After all, not every customer will want or need the same piano. Some are completely new to playing and some have been playing for years. As a result, your piano provider must help you with a piano that is right for you and not just for every customer that walks through the door.

  1. Range of Services Offered

Aside from just selling pianos, your piano provider should ideally offer you a wide range of services such as:

Piano Rental Long Term

Piano Hire for Functions & Concerts

Piano Transport

Piano Tuning

Piano Repairs

Piano Storage

Piano Recycling

Go Out and Buy!

Hopefully by now you will have a much clearer understanding of what to look for in a piano provider. You are now ready to go out and buy your piano – this is the fun part! Contact us today if you need further assistance on what to look for in your ideal piano.