abc Pianos are located at Warehouse 5, 6 - 8 Eastspur Court, Kilsyth South.

(Enter the main driveway. We are behind warehouse 1.)

abc Pianos have recently moved and would like to Introduce to you our piano showroom and office at the abc PIANOS WAREHOUSE

Our piano warehouse boasts a large showroom where we display our new, second hand and rental pianos. Included in our piano warehouse we have a modern office, workshop and piano tuning area where we service, detail and prepare our new pianos, rental pianos and second hand pianos before they leave our facility. We pride ourselves in being a boutique piano business offering exclusive customised service tou you.

Our function and event rental grand pianos are stored in a purposely-built storage booth, within our piano warehouse. The booth is fully insulated to maintain a stable environment whilst our grand pianos are waiting to go out to their next important event.

Our home and studio rental pianos also have a specific area on the second level of our piano warehouse where the pianos go after being detailed and prepared before they go out to their next piano student or artist.

Our extensive range of modern and older style second hand pianos also get top class treatment. Second hand pianos are fully cleaned and detailed inside and out and are prepared by our trained staff before they are tuned by qualified piano tuners from the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria or by qualified tuners who have come through the piano tuning school ASPT. (Australasian School of Piano Technology)

New Alex Steinbach and Wertheim pianos also get first class treatment. After the instruments have arrived new and in a box at our piano warehouse, the new pianos are unboxed, checked over internally and externally, before going through a thorough set-up process that includes a pre-delivery tune, regulation and voicing. Once the new piano has been delivered to its new owner, the piano will receive a follow-up service approximately 2-3 weeks after delivery, where the piano will be tuned again by one of our qualified piano tuners and voiced to its new environment,should it need voicing.

Our purpose built piano workshop on the ground floor has been set up in such a way that we can service and tune all the instruments that pass through it. A clean separated area at one end of our work shop has been set aside so that our piano tuners can tune pianos in a clean tuning booth area.

Our purposely- built piano moving van is stored within the facility at the end of the day. The great thing about this is, if we need to, we can load pianos the day before, or leave pianos in the van overnight. The pianos will be in a stable environment within the warehouse and the security of the piano/s will not be compromised.

We invite you to visit our piano warehouse at: Warehouse 5, 6-8 Eastspur Court, Kilsyth South and we will be more than happy to show you our new facility. Or visit our website at or phone us on our new number 9761 4154.