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Established in 1973, abc Pianos are the longest-running and most trusted family-owned and operated piano moving business in Melbourne and specialise in the relocation & transport of Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos and Organs only. 

Are you intending to have your piano moved from one room to another, across town or longer distances? Then our advice is to have your piano moved by professional piano movers who know how to safely relocate and handle pianos. All of our staff are expertly trained and are experienced piano technicians that understand the importance of safely moving your instrument.

Your piano will be transported on a purpose-built piano trolley with pneumatic tyres and soft rubber to protect your piano and floors. Our vehicles have been built with your piano in mind, appropriate straps and soft blankets are used to protect your instrument. Whilst your piano is in our care it is fully covered by our risk cover.



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Our vehicles and equipment are specifically designed to safely relocate your piano. Your piano will be gently placed on a specially designed piano trolley with large pneumatic tyres. This will ensure that your floors be it timber, tiles, slate or carpet are totally protected. Once the piano is in the truck or van, it will be transferred onto specially designed padded travel blocks then wrapped in thick covers and secured with a minimum of two heavy-duty soft transport straps. For uneven, muddy, and soft-surface paths we carry a portable footpath that will be laid out to maintain a solid flat surface at all times. Furniture rests and castor cups are available on the day should you decide to have your piano placed on them to protect your floor. Online Transport Quote abc Pianos safely relocate over 60 pianos a week throughout Melbourne, The Yarra Valley, and Mornington Peninsula areas. Not only will our staff safely transport your instrument, but they also offer friendly advice about your piano or organ should your instrument require tuning, repairs or maintenance. Our transport quotes include a minimum of 2 staff the vehicle, risk cover, and GST. Once you have confirmed that you would like your piano moved by us, we will contact you the afternoon before the move and give you a time within the hour that we expect to be at the pickup and delivery address. We have flexible payment options - Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card), or EFT.

A number of removal and moving companies employ staff who have not had any formal training or any idea on how to safely move pianos. So unless the removalists are specifically trained and experienced with pianos, don't always expect your piano to arrive safely,


Because the bitterness of a poor quality job and service remains long after the pleasure of negotiating a cheap price!

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