abc Piano Rental have a selection of Alex Steinbach & Samick Silent/Dream pianos. The Dream piano is ideal for those who live in apartments, flats and units who idealy require an acoustic piano but may wish to play quietly at various times of the day or night. Silent pianos available from $120.00 per month. (Minimum term 3 months).

artiste js043 dream 500This Dream Piano allows you to use your piano in the traditional manner and also play in silence through headphones.

Imagine playing the piano at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone and also having a traditional acoustic piano in your home.

The inclusion of two stereo headphone jacks allow parents or teachers to sit alongside and listen to children practice, or two children can play the piano together without disturbing others.

The Alex Steinbach Dream Piano easily switch between acoustic piano and muted piano by pressing down the centre pedal.

The volume is adjustable to ten different levels.

Samick‘s Dream Piano utilises a ‘Variable Position Detecting’ photo sensing system to ensure that even the slightest key touch is detected and heard through your headphones.

A piano or church organ sound may be selected with the press of a button. Dream Piano includes a metronome with tempos between 30-250 beats per minute, nine different beats to cover different time signatures and seven rhythm types (such as triplets, semi-quavers etc). Includes a record function for one song (approx 30,000 notes).