With an estimated 1 million pianos in Australia and many pianos over 50, 60, 70 + years old, a lot of pianos have come to the end of their musical life, or life even as a furniture item. The question is often asked, " how can I get rid of my old piano, who would want it or do I send it to the tip?"

reused pianosBeing actively involved in the piano industry it can, on many occasions these days, be left to us to make the ultimate decision as to what to do with these old, sometimes unusable pianos: send them to the tip or keep them somehow in the marketplace. We make every effort to keep old working pianos out there, provided they can still be tuned, regulated and function correctly. There are many families out there who are on a budget, so a brand new piano is not always an option!

Even though abc Pianos do sell brand new pianos and excellent quality pre-loved pianos, there is still a demographic within the marketplace looking for cheaper budget pianos that can still be tuned, even if they do have some minor issues.

Pianos that cannot be used any longer as a musical instrument are often placed into period style homes, institutions and museums for display purposes only. Other pianos, both grand and upright, are pulled apart and components passed onto up-and-coming piano tuner/technicians who are building up their supplies so that they have spare parts for future repairs.

The remainder of these pianos are often modified to be piano props used on TV shows, theatre and music videos just to name a few.

Many pianos are stripped down and modified to be TV cabinets, book shelves and even piano bars. Pianos have also been seen in gardens turned into water features and fountains. I recently had a lady contact me asking for piano action parts so that she could use them for her piano art projects. Very interesting!

Finally, if a piano cannot be used for anything else, then the tip is the final resting place.

abc Pianos offer a service to remove unwanted pianos that can still be used for something as explained above. We also offer a tipping service for those pianos that can no longer be used. There is a fee for these services.

Old piano stools that come with many of these unusable pianos are more often than not restored and supplied with other old pianos that need a stool, because we make every effort to supply a matching stool with every period piano.

Recycling and Disposal of unwanted pianos

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