Conservatory Series

RRP $36,995


Width 153cm Depth 208cm Height 103cm Weight 370kg

The SIP208 Conservatory Artist Grand piano sure to impress with beautiful depth, tone and classic style. Part of the Alex.Steinbach Conservatory Series specifically designed for music professionals.There are many people thinking about buying a grand piano, but never do. There are many reasons. Some believe that a baby grand piano will meet their requirements, often start renting a sub-standard model and become disheartened because the sound just isn't suitable for professional performers. Conversely some believe the only acceptable type of piano is a concert grand sized piano, but withhold purchasing anything because a piano that size is financially beyond their grasp. Others simply cannot decide which advanced level grand piano offers the best sound and value for money from all the brands in the market. They do not want to pay excessively for a brand name, but they still want a leading piano in the world.

Available finishes: Ebony Polish