Alex Steinbach


All Brand new Alex Steinbach pianos come with a unique LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all models for the original purchaser.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Alex.Steinbach pianos. When you purchase an Alex.Steinbach instrument, you are buying more than just a piano. You are investing in a beautiful piece of furniture as well as a magnificent sounding musical instrument. Only the finest components that have been sorced from all over the world are used to bring out the legendary qualities for which Alex.Steinbach pianos are renowned. Alex.Steinbach pianos are designed and made exclusively for Australia by the Samick Musical Instrument Company so that the piano can withstand the harsh climate, extreme temperatures and humidity changes that Australia dishes out. Visit Alex Steinbach Pianos website

This is also why all new Alex.Steinbach pianos come with a unique Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty provides Alex.Steinbach owners with the peace of mind they deserve.

Alex.Steinbach pianos offer creative choices of colours and styles plus the advantage of Australia's only piano LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Listed below are most of the models and colours available.

A number of Alex Steinbach Piano models are also available to RENT from abc Pianos.

For more information,click on the link Long Term Alex Steinbach Piano Rental